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Why can't I log in to my account?

If you're getting an error when attempting to log in to your Digital Download Center account, make sure you are using the correct login email and password.  Note: this is a SEPARATE login from a purchasing account.  We intentionally separated these accounts so you have the option of sharing your login for accessing downloadable content with others on your ministry team without giving them the ability to make purchases on your behalf.

If you know you set up an account, but cannot remember your password, just click the Forgot Password link on the login page and a new temporary password will be sent by email.  You can change your password at any time by logging in and clicking on My Account to update your profile.


What does it mean to "Activate" content?

Each product includes a unique activation code that "unlocks" your access to your digital content.  Simply log in to your Digital Download Center account, click the Activate button in the list of downloads or go to My Account and select Activate Content, and enter the activation code found in the product you purchased.


I just activated my content, but I'm not seeing it. What should I do?

Make sure to select a value for each of the four dropdown lists: Program, Quarter, Age Level, and Resource Type (or two dropdown lists for VBS: Program, Resource Type). For example, when activating a new FaithWeaver NOW teacher guide, make sure to choose Teacher Guide from the Resource Type dropdown. Once you have made a selection, a "cookie" is saved in your browser so that the next time you access your account, you should see the same settings you last selected.


How do I share teacher guides with my teachers?

We want to keep things simple for you, so think of Group's Digital Download Center as an online archive for the original versions of your program content. You can simply download the file(s) to your computer then you can distribute the file(s) by e-mailing them or printing and distributing the copy. See the topic below on “How many copies of a teacher guide may I print or email?”

  If you decide to download and edit the Microsoft Word files, you can share these with your teachers by printing hardcopies or emailing your edited files to your teaching team using the tools you already know and understand.

We know every church is unique.  Some directors prefer to make edits for their teachers.  Some leave it up to the teachers to make their own edits.  With Group's digital content, you're in control.  If you want to give your teachers access to the original Word files, you can share your email/password with them.  If not, just send them PDF files or your edited Word docs.  And don't worry, your Digital Download Center login is completely separate from any purchasing account, so teachers cannot use this password to purchase any items on your behalf.


How many copies of a teacher guide may I print or email?

For Curriculum:

Digital copies may be printed or emailed as many times as desired within a single church location.  Please respect Group's copyright and do not post these files on any website accessible to the general public.

For VBS:

The digital content for VBS carries the same copy restrictions as the printed or physical VBS materials. In general, you can print or distribute one copy of leader guides, music or videos. Some leader guides contain handouts or other student pieces that can be printed multiple times. Those specific permissions will be shown on those particular pages. Music and videos may not be copied. Your VBS features amazing songs created by top Christian music artists. Because they own the songs, they’re paid a royalty each time we distribute their work (both on disc and as a download). We cannot legally give permission for copies of these items to be made. Because of these restrictions, music can only be downloaded one time.

The VBS clip art can be used for nonprofit church uses related to the VBS program you purchased (bulletins, fliers, t-shirts, etc.). The clip art may not be used for purposes not related to the VBS program you purchased or any for-profit activities.

Please respect Group's copyright and do not post these files on any website accessible to the general public. 

For more information on usage, go to

Why can't I edit my lessons?

VBS resources are not currently available in editable for. For editable curriculum files (Word documents), make sure you downloaded the Word doc file and have Microsoft Word 2003 or later installed on your computer.  You cannot edit an Adobe PDF file without specialized software.


Why do the Word DOC files look different than the PDF files?

For programs that include Word .doc files, these files are formatted to make it as easy as possible to add, remove, or edit text content. Therefore, graphics and complex formatting have been stripped away. If you desire the same look and feel as the printed materials, please download the PDF version.


Where do I find the free FaithWeaver NOW FamilyConnect pages?

After logging in to your Group Digital account select the following options in the dropdown menus.

Program: FaithWeaver NOW

Age Level: All Ages

Resource Type: FamilyConnect


What is FamilyConnect?

FamilyConnect is a weekly customizable weekly conversation starter for parents featuring the Bible Point.  You can print, email, or post it on your church website to remind busy parents to talk about faith with their families during the week.  For more tips about helping families grow in faith together, check out the FaithWeaver NOW Director Resources page by choosing FaithWeaver NOW in the Program dropdown and clicking on the Director Resources link in the upper right hand section of the screen.


I used to have a login for FamilyConnect Express.  Does it work here?

Yes!  If you set up a login for FamilyConnect Express, the same username and password will work for your Group Digital account.  The first time you log in, you may be asked to fill out some additional fields to complete your profile.


Where can I get the FaithWeaver NOW Director Manual?

After logging in to your account, choose FaithWeaver NOW in the Program dropdown and click on the Director Resources link in the upper right hand section of the screen.


Why can I only download the first lesson of each age level?

For curriculum, the first lesson of each age level is provided as a free sample.  To access the other lessons, you must purchase a product that includes an activation code within the package.


Oops, I set up multiple accounts within my church, can I transfer activated content to another account?

Yes, here's how.

1.  Make sure you still have the activation code you used to activate your content in the Digital Download Center.

2.  Click My Account > Deactivate Content and enter the activation code for the content you want to remove.  This will deactivate all lessons in that age level and free up the activation code to be used in a different account.

3.  Log in to the new account and click the activate content link and enter the activation code.  Your lessons should now be available to download from the new account.


Where did my lessons go?

For curriculum, make sure to select the desired quarter from the change quarter link on the Teacher Guides page.  Multiple quarters may be available for purchase/activation at any given time.  So, if you're looking for Fall Quarter lessons, make sure to select Fall Quarter.


How long can I access my digital content?


Teacher Guides remain in your Group Digital account for 9 months from the release date of the quarter you purchased.  Of course, you can download PDFs or Word docs to your computer to keep indefinitely.  Quarter release dates are as follows:

  • Fall Quarter releases in June
  • Winter Quarter releases in September
  • Spring Quarter releases in December
  • Summer Quarter releases in March

The expiration date of the currently selected quarter will be displayed in the top right section of your page.


VBS digital resources will be available in the system until the release of the new VBS program that replaces it. New VBS themes are typically released in June of the year prior to their program year. For example, The 2017 program theme would release in June of 2016.


Can I get digital copies of the FaithWeaver NOW student books?

Yes, you can purchase PDF files of complete student books or individual lessons from our online store at that include permission to print up to 10 copies per download.


This page didn't answer my question.  Now what?

If you still have unanswered questions about FaithWeaver NOW Digital, please contact our helpful Product Support team.


Phone:  800-975-4006  (Mon-Fri  8:00am-5:00pm Mountain Time)

Visit our online support center.


Feedback?  Comments?  We want to hear from you!

We love to hear what you think of this service so we can continue to make it effective for all our friends in ministry.  Please take a moment to give us your feedback by filling out a quick satisfaction survey.  Note: this survey is anonymous, so please do not use it to report a specific product support issue that requires a response.